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Having designed and manufactured Custom Cheer Uniforms in the UK since 1990 (4-way stretch Cheer uniforms since 2000,) we pride ourselves on our designs being not only durable but trend setting and forward thinking!.........



Starting the process of having a new kit designed or indeed copying an existing kit, could not be simpler or easier:

  1. Complete the contact form on the right or if you prefer, call us on 01256 346255.


  1. One received, we will email you (or call if you prefer) to discuss your your likes and dislikes, fabric preferences (metallics, matte, powermesh etc) design and style ideas, logo, colours and of course order, payment & delivery deadlines.


Please note that a delay in meeting either your

Order deadline date or Invoice payment date

will have a direct impact on your delivery date.


  1. Assuming the above stages have taken place, we would now start creating a selection of bespoke and customised cheer uniform design options to send you


  1. Next - choose the design you like best then email us with any changes, adjustments or amendments you would like (if any).



Although the process of adjusting and amending designs, emailing new designs based on feedback and further 'honing' requests sounds long winded, this entire process can be turned around in one or two weeks (some times less) if you are able to expedite your responses and requests to us.


  1. Once happy with your final design, the next step would be for us to create a 'working' sample of your new uniform (or kit) to send you.


First payment Point

£ = cost of a new uniform (agreed in final design)

A full uniform price is used as the deposit to create, pattern and manufacture your working sample. Once you have 'signed off' on your sample and placed your full order, a finished uniform will be manufactured in its place, with its cost being deducted from the final invoice.


Please note that a delay in meeting either your

Order deadline date or Invoice payment date

will have a direct impact on your delivery date.


  1. Sizing blanks dispatched.

Sizing blanks: Cheer Tops, Unitards, leotards and/or skirts, skorts or shorts which are manufactured in navy Cheer uniform fabric, in our full size range with size clearly printed on front (please request either kids, adults or both).


In our experience this method of measuring not only ensures the correct size and fit is requested but reduces the inevitable possibility of 'human error' in taking measurements.


  1. Order placed (either on or before the originally specified 'Order deadline' date)


  1. Invoice is issued


  1. Payment of Invoice (must be received in cleared funds either on or before the originally, agreed 'payment deadline' date).


Second Payment Point

£ = Cheer Uniform x quantities required

£ = Deduction of 1 Cheer Uniform cost (reimbursement for sample)

£ = Next day delivery charge


Please note that a delay in meeting either your

Order deadline date or Invoice payment date

will have a direct impact on your delivery date.


  1. Patterns designed and drafted in full range of sizes


Fabric order placed in readiness for manufacture time slot


Manufacture of uniforms


Quality control trimming and checking of completed order



  1. Order dispatched (on or before the originally, agreed 'Order dispatch deadline' date').




Contact Form



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 is the leading UK manufacturer of 4-way Stretch Fabric Cheerleading Uniforms, catering to Squads, Schools, Colleges and Universities in the UK. With an emphasis on innovative and trend setting styling and detail, we pride ourselves on the very best in British design, construction and finishing.


  • Equipped to also offer Dye Sublimation, Heat Pressed Vinyl, Diamante/Rhinestone Logo's and embellishing, a designed Cheerleading Uniform is guaranteed to enhance and compliment the performance of any squad.



No matter what the restrictions of your budget may be, rest assured, at we will look after you and make the promise to design the max out of your budget!



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