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Fabric (including linings, interfacing, trims etc) is cut and collated into size, style, colour and quantity as specified on Docket (ie. ordered).



The requested sewing techniques are employed to construct and manufacture garments as specified on Docket and Specification sheet



Finished clothing garments or are trimmed (ie. trim threads and put right any defects), undergo a final quality check and pack items ready for shipping.

IMPORTANT - Things to bear in mind.....


  1. The actual per unit manufacturing time it takes your chosen CMT company, Studio, Factories or seamstress to manufacture any 1 unit of your CMT production order DOES NOT decrease when order quantities are increased, meaning.....


...... it takes the same amount of time to produce 1 unit in an order of 2 units as it does to produce 1 unit in an order of 400 units!!!!......


  1. Elements such as:
  • number of pattern pieces to a style,
  • variety of machines required,
  • threading and re-threading of machines due to changes in thread colour, weight or utilisation,
  • machinists/seamstresses required,
  • the number of times machines have to be tentioned and re-tentioned due to changes in fabrics used...

All of these WILL have an IMPACT on manufacturing TIME and therefore the per unit costing of YOUR CMT PRODUCTION RUN



CMT Production (Cut Make and Trim)

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Production Run Quantities: 1 - 400

Small to medium production runs

When looking to place an order for CMT with a company, remember to ensure that all patterns, fabrics, (including interfacings, trims etc) fastenings (zips, buttons, hooks & eyes etc) and accessories (including shoulder pads) arrive in good time for your allocated CMT production date. In order to help with scheduling for prospective clients, we have comprised a bullet point list in the next column together with templates which we hope will also prove to be both helpful and useful

Here at (UK) we work hard to help our clients in every way we can. We take great pride in the service we provide, the quality of our expertise and our attention to good old British customer service. We also recognise that new designers may initially need a little more help, guidance and support when taking their first steps into the UK Clothing industry and this we are only to pleased to provide. For your information, we have provided the below bullet list showing chargeable services we provide, which often come hand in hand with CMT production runs for clients:

  • alterations & adjustments to patterns not supplied by us (cost per style, per grading)
  • alterations to patterns due to changes in design from client (cost per style, per grading)
  • making patterns (cost per style, per grading)
  • pattern grading (cost per style, per grading)
  • making toiles & samples (cost per style, per size)
  • adjusting samples not supplied by us (cost per style, per size)
  • making pre-production samples (cost per style, per size)
  • cutting fabric, (including any trims, interfacing & linings)
  • the making of any garments or product covers
  • the trimming and packing of any garments or product covers
  • supply of any product packaging or shipping container
  • supply of overlocking/stitching thread


helpful tips & things to know



If you are looking to place an order for CMT, the following points may be useful to know and help ensure you have completed, prior to placing your order:



A Docket (order) for a CMT production run cannot be agreed or commence without us first being in receipt of a Pre-Production sample of your garment or product (this means for each style).


What is a Pre-Production sample?

  • An acurately constructed sample of your clothing or garment that has been constructed in your production fabric, has been approved by you and ultimately you are happy with
  • A sample that has had any and all amendments and adjustments corrected (ensuring these have also been transferred to your patterns) and is ready to go into production
  • Is also referred to as a 'SEAL' sample


Why is is a pre-production (clothing) sample needed?

  • How can your chosen CMT unit, Factory or seamstress assess exactly how to manufacture to your specifications and requirements without having a finished product to refer to during manufacture?
  • How do you know that your finished pattern/s when constructed, create the correct 'fit', style and design you hope to realise.




A Docket (order) must be provided or accompany the delivery of all fabric, trimmings and accesories required to undertake the production run by your chosen CMT company, Cut Make and Trim Factories or seamstress.



What is a Docket?

A docket is a Purchase order given to a CMT unit, Factory or seamstress which outlines the quantity of garments required and breakdown of sizes to be manufactured. It should contain:

  • What style to make.
  • How many garments and the size breakdown
  • What components are to be used
  • Relevant fabric & trim samples
  • Delivery date
  • The price that was agreed when the style was sampled
  • It should accompany all orders of fabric & trims sent to your manufacturer
  • It should be accompanied by the relevant Garment Specification sheet



Why is a Docket needed?

  • It conveys by way of clear and written instructions your exact CMT requirements.
  • Your manufacturer has exact, clear and written instructions confirming the order you are placing.
  • It can be a valuable tool in preventing possible misunderstandings, both manufacturing and financial from arising.
  • Neccessary document for designers/clients to cost, log, record and retain CMT details for future use clothing manufacturer





The test version of a garment using an inexpensive fabric with similar properties to the production fabric (often Calico). It is used to test both the pattern and lines, proportions and fit of a design.




A sample of the garment made up using the production fabric and trims. It is used to asess correct fit and size, manufacturing and production processes. Used to also amend and adjust design and final pattern size.




Sample which has been approved by Designer, cut from finalised pattern and manufactured using the production specifications of the Designer. Is used as the reference guide during production.




PINKfudge Designs UK provide a full pattern making service, whether you require a pattern to be made from a sketch, a design, a garment, sample or an existing Pattern to be adjusted and amended for production, we can accommodate and help.




Grading is the method used to increase or decrease the sample size production pattern to make up a complete size range paterns and pattern grading

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