Mental health and exercise, they do hand in hand

Mental health and exercise, they go hand in hand


In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought it would be a great idea to explore the mental health benefits of becoming more physically active in 2018.


Ask yourself this, how do you feel after you’ve worked out? Yeah you might be all red faced and gasping for breath, but I bet you feel pretty pleased with yourself, don’t you? Once you get over that initial shock of just wanting a lie down, it’s common to feel like you’ve got heaps more energy, and perhaps those overwhelming problems you once felt consumed you before your workout don’t seem so, well… overwhelming anymore.


To quote GP Dr Paul Stillman; ‘A prescription of exercise can help you have a healthy mind, it stimulates positive endorphins, clears your head and lifts your mood’, and he isn’t half right you know. These intangible benefits of exercise are perhaps arguably more important than the results around your waistline.


Healthy body, healthy mind


We mean this in every sense of the word. Whether you’re stressed, suffer from anxiety or low moods, new research has reported that 12% of cases of depression and anxiety could have been prevented with just ONE hour of exercise a week! Think about it, that’s under only 10 minutes of exercise per day! So, come on guys, put down the TV remote and your mobile phone and commit to just 8 minutes of daily exercise.




We ALL get stressed from time to time, and sure some of us find it harder to cope with stress than others, that’s only natural. We don’t deny that when we’re down, almost everything can feel overwhelming. Sometimes crawling under a rock seems like the only plausible solution. But, this is when we need to remember that the more we’re stressed out, the more we need to look after ourselves and sometimes a workout can be the happiest of medicines. Research has shown that exercise is clinically proven to stimulate the serotonin levels in your brain, resulting in your own natural feel-good neurotransmitter!


Finding your mood-boosting fix


If the thought of trying endless workouts to find your favourite seems almost impossible, don’t panic, and just start slow. You are in the driving seat of your own life, so just remember that you can always stop if you’re just not feeling it!

We’d recommend starting with something of low-intensity, like walking. A simple walk is sometimes enough to start triggering those much-needed endorphins.


If a walk just isn’t up your street, perhaps analysing what sort of workout will make you happier is a more appropriate place to start.


For example, if you feel that building new friendships is what you need right now, then why not try a team sport? Social connectivity is important, and when we’re struggling we tend to isolate ourselves. Being with others can motivate us and if you’re feeling lonely there’s honestly nothing better than being surrounded by your teammates.


If increasing your mindfulness is one of your goals, then perhaps a sport or activity to calm your mind is just what you need. Try Yoga or Pilates. Any exercise that works with your breath is known to be particularly good for calming your mind and improving your overall mood.


Ultimately, whatever exercise you choose the key is to find an exercise that you enjoy! The more you fall in love with your workout, the more you’ll get hooked on the feel-good benefits and not just the physical results.


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